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1. Hantu Kuntilanak

Kuntilanak figure depicted in the form of a beautiful woman. Kuntilanak described glad to terrorize the villagers for revenge. Kuntilanak as appears always accompanied by fragrant frangipani flowers. It is said that men who are not careful could be killed after kuntilanak transformed into the blood sucking. Kuntilanak also loves to eat babies and harm pregnant women. In the horror stories and horror movies on TV Malaysia, described kuntilanak kill prey by sucking the blood in the neck, like a vampire. Somewhat different picture of Malays, according to tradition, kuntilanak Sundanese tradition does not have a hole in the back and only interfere with the appearance alone. The kind that has a hole in the back as the description above is called Sundel Bolong. Kuntilanak reportedly also like a certain tree as a "dwelling"

Hantu Kuntilanak
2. Hantu Sundel Bolong

Hantu Sundel BolongSundel holes in the myth of a ghost described with Indonesia long-haired woman and a white long dress. There also described the formation of holes in the back of a closed his long hair so that the organs in the abdomen seen. Sundel Bolong ghost Dimitoskan die because her child was raped and gave birth from the grave. Usually Sundel Bolong also recounted like to take the babies who had just been born.

3. Hantu Pocong

Hantu PocongDepictions pocong vary. Say, pocong berwarnah has a green face with empty eyes. The other portrayal states, pocong flat-faced and has a hole or hollow eyes closed cotton with pale white faces. Those who believe in ghosts assumes, pocong is a form of protest from the dead who had forgotten to open kafannya bond before his grave was closed. Although pocong in movies is often portrayed jumping moves, the myth of the fact stated pocong pocong floating moves. This is understandable, because in the movies starring pocong could not move his legs so that the operation should be jumping up and down. Belief in the existence of ghosts pocong developed only in Indonesia, especially in Java and Sumatra. Although the following description of the Muslim tradition, people of other faiths also were able to recognize the existence of this ghost.

4. Hantu Tuyul

Hantu TuyulToyol (Javanese: thuyul) in the mythology of the archipelago, especially in Java, is a tangible ghost child or a runt with a shaved head. Other depictions that are not agreed upon all the people are colored silver, are social (in the sense of a community and a leader), and sound like a chicken. Toyol be employed by an employer for some reason people, especially stealing (money). To counteract tuyul, people put crab in a corner of the house because tuyul trusted like crab so he forgot the task owner. The incident is believed tuyul comes from people who miscarried fetuses or infants who died at birth. Because it comes from the baby, as well as characters tuyul children: love to play (such as reports of people seeing a number tuyul playing at midnight).

5. Hantu Genderuwo

Hantu GenderuwoGenderuwo is a type of the jinn, or spirits of ape-like human form of large and stout with reddish black color, his body covered with thick hair that grows on the entire body. Genderuwo especially known in the community in Java (Sundanese people call it "gandaruwo" and the Javanese called it "gendruwo"). Habitat is a favorite residential water stone, old buildings, large trees or shady corners of the damp quiet and dark. Domicile Center this creature believed to be in Donoloyo Teak Forest, Sloghimo district, about 60 km east of Wonogiri, and in the White Weak, Purwosari, Girimulyo, Kulon Progo about 60 km west of Yogyakarta.

6. Hantu Wewe Gombel

Hantu Wewe GombelWewe Gombel is a term in Javanese tradition, which means evil spirit or ghost that likes to steal the children, but did not harm him. It is said that the stolen children are usually the children who abandoned and neglected by her parents. Wewe Gombel will usually scare the child's parents on the attitudes and treatment to their children until they are realized. If they had realized, wewe Gombel will return his son. According to the story, wewe Gombel is the spirit of a woman who died committed suicide because of the public pursued for killing her husband. The incident occurred after her husband of having an affair with another woman. The husband did it because his wife could not give a child a very expected. Finally, he was shunned and hated by her husband and ostracized to be mad and trash. Gombel wewe called because the incident occurred in the area in Gombel, Semarang. If we are driving from the direction toward jatingaleh Banyumanik, it will show the former star of beer ads. That's where the location is said to be Gombel wewe. Some people mentioned that the location is the location of the royal ghost. According to the story too, it was the cause of a hotel located in the hill location Gombel become bankrupt.

7. Hantu Leak

In Balinese mythology, Leak was the wicked witch. Le ak means witches and evil means. Leak will be visible at night by hunters shamans leak. In the afternoon he looked like a human being, while at night he was in the cemetery to find the organs in the human body uses to make magic potions. Magic potion that can change the shape leak into a tiger, monkey, **** or become like Rangda. If necessary he can also take organs from living people.

8. Hantu Radga

Hantu RadgaRangda is the queen of the leak in the mythology of Bali. This fearsome creature is told often kidnap and eat children and lead an army against the wicked witch Barong, which is a symbol of good strength. Told that most likely came from the queen Rangda Manendradatta who live on the island of Java in the century to 11. He was exiled by the king because the accused Dharmodayana witchcraft against two kings queens. According to legend, he had his revenge by killing half the kingdom, which later became his son's and Dharmodayana, Erlangga. Then he was replaced by someone who is wise. Rangda name is also a widow. Rangda is very important for Balinese mythology. Battle against Barong or against the grants are often displayed in the dance. This dance is very popular and is an important legacy in the tradition of Bali. Rangda described as a woman with long hair disheveled and has long nails. Scary face and has sharp teeth.

9. Hantu Kuyang

Hantu KuyangKuyang an intangible phantom human head attached to the body content without skin and limbs that can fly to find the baby's blood. This creature known to the public in Borneo. Kuyang actually a man (woman) that requires the teaching of black magic to achieve eternal life. By day, a kuyang will travel daily life as an ordinary person, but he usually wore robes. At night, would fly kuyang to find the baby's blood or blood delivery to inhaled as a means of increasing the power of science. People who saw kuyang fly like a bird usually seen large. To cope, the victims need to use a broom fibers or banged home furnishings such as pot or pan.

10. Hantu Palasik

Palasik according to stories, legends or beliefs of the Minangkabau is a kind of supernatural beings. According to Minangkabau belief, not a ghost but palasik people who have high levels of black magic. Palasik greatly feared by mothers of the Minangkabau who has a toddler because the child's food palasik infants and toddlers, whether they are still in the womb or the dead (buried), depending on the type palasik. Science believed palasik hereditary nature. If the parents are a palasik, then the child will be palasik. In general, works by releasing palasik head. There is a body that went looking for food and some are head hovering foraging.

Video 5 Tuyul Cirebon - Seorang dukun di Cirebon berhasil menangkap 5 tuyul. Sementara, warga mengabadikan tuyul yang disimpan di dalam botol itu ke dalam ponsel mereka. Kelima makhluk halus tersebut ditangkap oleh seorang paranormal yang jasanya dibayar Samino, karena kesal sering kehilangan uang yang disimpannya di dalam lemari.

Berita penangkapan 5 tuyul tersebut membuat banyak orang penasaran. Bahkan Kapolresta Cirebon AKBP Ir Ary Laksmana Wijaya bersama anggotanya sempat mendatangi rumah Samino untuk melihat langsung fenomena penampakan makhluk gaib tersebut.

Sejumlah warga mengaku masih tidak percaya dengan adanya penampakan tersebut. "Tadinya saya enggak percaya, tapi setelah lihat sendiri saya baru yakin," ujar Dedi, salah seorang warga yang mendapatkan kopian gambar tuyul tersebut.

Geger penangkapan tuyul ini berawal dari usaha Samino yang meminta jasa paranormal asal Kampung Pangeran Drajat untuk menangkap pelaku pencurian. Namun, Samino mengaku kaget karena pelakunya adalah lima tuyul yang oleh sang paranormal dimasukkan ke dalam botol kosong.

Kelima tuyul tersebut ditangkap Senin 22 Maret lalu sekira pukul 22.00 WIB. Samino sempat menunjukkan hasil tangkapan aneh tersebut kepada sejumlah warga dan wartawan. Kontan saja banyak warga dan juga wartawan yang penasaran berebut dan bergiliran untuk mencoba mengabadikan mahluk-mahluk gaib tersebut dengan memotretnya dari kamera dan juga ponsel.

Namun, sejumlah warga yang mencoba mengambil gambar wujud tuyul tersebut tidak berhasil mendapatkan gambar penampakan.

Bahkan beberapa wartawan yang menggunakan kamera canggih pun hanya mendapatkan hasil foto berupa gambar kedua botol kosong. Tapi, salah seorang warga yang memotret dengan ponsel akhirnya berhasil mendapatkan gambar tuyul yang menghebohkan warga Kota Cirebon tersebut.

Warga akhirnya berebut mendapatkan gambar tersebut dengan cara memindainya ke ponsel masing-masing. Dalam gambar tersebut tampak terlihat sebuah tangan dan perut gendut berwarna hitam yang diduga tuyul.

Latihan Fisik Untuk Menghadapi Seleksi Akpol 2010

Informasi ini saya tujukan kepada adik-adik yang tengah mempersiapkan diri untuk mengikuti seleksi masuk Akademi Kepolisian. Terdapat beberapa tahapan tes masuk Akpol yang dilaksanakan dari tahun ke tahun. Salah satu item seleksi yang memiliki nilai yang cukup tinggi adalah Tes Kesamaptaan Jasmani (TKJ). TKJ ini dilakukan untuk mengukur kemampuan fisik setiap peserta seleksi. Kenapa hal ini diperlukan, karena selama menjalani pendidikan di Akademi Kepolisian akan banyak terdapat kegiatan yang membutuhkan fisik yang prima, sehingga hanya calon yang memiliki kemampuan fisik baguslah yang berhak mengikuti pendidikan di Akpol. Tapi jangan khawatir, kemampuan fisik bukanlah suatu bawaan lahir, kemampuan ini bisa dilatih apabila adik-adik benar-benar berniat untuk ikut seleksi menjadi Taruna Akpol. Hanya latihan yang rutin dan sungguh-sungguh sajalah yang dapat menghasilkan hasil yang maksimal. Latihan-latihan pembinaan fisik yang dapat dilakukan adalah sebagai berikut :

Lari selama 12 menit

1. Latihan lari selama 12 menit

Latihan pertama yaitu lari selama 12 menit. Sebaiknya lakukan latihan ini dengan mengelilingi lapangan sepak bola yang berukuran standar 400 meter. Untuk calon peserta pria setidaknya dapat mencapai 6 kali (2400 meter) selama 12 menit tersebut. Untuk calon wanita setidaknya mencapai 5 kali (2000 meter). Lakukan latihan lari ini secara rutin agar kemampuan dapat meningkat dari waktu ke waktu.

2. Pull Up (pria) dan Chinning (wanita)

Pull Up (pria)

Chinning (wanita)

Latihan berikutnya adalah melakukan pull up (pria) dengan cara seperti bergantung pada tiang horizontal seperti gambar kemudian menarik badan keatas sampai dagu melewati tiang itu dan kembali turun sampai tangan lurus. Setidaknya lakukan latihan ini sebanyak 10 kali, dengan gerakan yang sempurna. Lebih baik sedikit demi sedikit tetapi sempurna dari pada banyak tapi gerakannya tidak sempurna. Untuk calon wanita lakukan chinning dengan berdiri di depan tiang mendatar, dengan kaki tetap menginjak tanah, kemudian tarik badan ke depan dan kembali ke belakang, setidaknya lakukan sebanyak 40 kalo secara sempurna.

3. Sit Up

Sit Up

Sit Up secara mudahnya adalah gerakan duduk-bangun. Lakukan latihan untuk memperkuat otot perut. Posisi tangan dianyam di belakang kepala. Ketika bangun upayakan sampai mencium lutut. Lakukan gerakan ini minimal 35 kali untuk pria dan 30 kali untuk wanita. Seluruh gerakan dilakukan tidak lebih dari 1 menit.

4. Push Up

Push Up

Push Up adalah gerakan naik turun dengan bertumpu pada kedua tangan dan kaki. Untuk laki-laki bertumpu pada ujung kaki, dan wanita bertumpu pada lutut. Saat turun badan tidak menyentuh tanah, dan pada saat naik tangan kembali lurus. Lakukan gerakan secara sempurna untuk laki-laki setidaknya 35 kali dan 30 kali untuk wanita. Seluruh gerakan dilakukan tidak lebih dari 1 menit.

5. Shuttle Run

Shuttle Run (lari angka 8)

Shuttle run adalah lari membentuk angka 8 diantara 2 buah tiang yang berjarak 10 meter sebanyak 3 kali sampai kembali ke tempat start semula. Tes ini untuk mengukur akselerasi dan kelincahan tiap peserta. Upayakan waktu yang diperlukan tidak lebih dari 20 detik.

6. Renang

Lakukan latihan renang dengan gaya bebas (gaya apa saja yang dikuasai). Berlatihlah berenang setidaknya mencapai jarak 25 meter.

Berlatihlah dengan rutin dan sungguh-sungguh untuk mencapai hasil yang maksimal. Semua item diatas akan lebih baik bila adik-adik dapat melebihi batas jumlah yang saya sebutkan. Selamat berlatih dan semoga sukses bersama anda !!

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The Guinness Book of Records is the biggest-selling copyrighted book of all time, according to Publisher, Young, with 92 million books sold since 1955. But when it was first imagined, it wasn't even going to be for sale.
The book was the brainchild of Sir Hugh Beaver, the managing director of the Guinness Brewery in Ireland. On November 10, 1951, he got into an argument while hunting with friends out in southeastern Ireland over which was the fastest game bird.
Sir Hugh Beaver thought that hundreds of other such things were apparently being discussed and a book of records could resolve these differences.

Joel Waul had created the humongous ball in his driveway using 300,000 bands of different colours and sizes. (Guinness World Records)

The largest known land gastropod is the African giant snail achatina achatina, the largest recorded specimen of which measured 39.3cm (15.5in) from snout to tail when fully extended, with a shell length of 27.3cm (10.75in) and weighed exactly 900g (2lb)

1,253 Smurfs gathered in the high street in the town of Castleblayney in County Monaghan, Ireland on July 18, 2008. (Guinness World Records)

The fastest 100m hurdles wearing swim fins is 19.278 seconds and was acheived by Veronica Torr (New Zealand) on the set of New Zealand Smashes Guinness World Records at the Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland.

The largest pocket knife was designed by Telmo Cadavez and hand made by Virgilio, Raul and Manuel Pires of Portugal.
The knife is 3.9m long when open and weighs 122kg.

The world's heaviest lemon weighed 5.265 kg (11 lb 9.7 oz) on January 8, 2003 and was grown by Aharon Shemoel (Israel) on his farm in Kefar Zeitim, Israel.

Scott Murphy recently set a Guinness World Record for The Tightest Circumference to Roll a 12 Inch Aluminum Frying Pan by Hand in 30 Seconds - 6.87 inches.
Scott Murphy accomplished this on July 30th, 2007 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

In Germany, Anita Schwarz set a new record for carrying the most steins of lager over 40m.
She staggered across the finishing line holding 19 glasses.

Sam Wakeling holds the current Guinness World Record for unicycle distance in 24 hours: 281.85 miles (453.6km)

A man from Switzerland with 10,000 ‘Do Not Disturb’ hotel room door signs.

On a whim back in 1979, Lee Redmond decided to stop filing her nails. She intended to cut them off once they started twisting, but her plans changed.
In 2002 she entered the Guinness World Records book for the world's longest fingernails on a female pair of hands. On february 11th, 2009 Lee Redmond shocked the world with the loss of her fingernails in a car crash.
But on September 2, 2009 Guinness World Records reported some great news about mrs.
Redmond (who is doing fine and found 'there is more to life than nails'!!), for they announced to honour Lee Redmond's 'fingernail life-work' in the 2010 'The Book of the Decade'
- featured with a striking photograph of Lee pictured alongside fellow American Melvin Booth, the male owner of the longest finger nails (9.05-m-long/29ft 8in), which was taken just a few months prior to her accident.

World’s record for t-shirts worn at the same time. 227 by Jef Van Dijck of Belgium.

Garry Turner, of Caistor, Lincolnshire, England, stretched the skin of his stomach to a distended length of 15.8 cm (6.25 in) on the set of Guinness World Records: Primetime in Los Angeles, California, USA, on October 29, 1999.

Coke & Mentos Guiness world record With 1,911 explosions in Riga, Latvia.

The heaviest Jicama weighed 21 kg (46 lb 4.8 oz) and was grown by Leo Sutisna (Indonesia) in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, and weighed on 25 January 2008.

35,310 Lego Star Wars Clone Troopers in the UK.

Helmut Wirz from Germany became the oldest person to bungee jump in August 2008.
He was a ripe 83 years old when he was dropped in Duisburg, Germany, on the 9th of August 2008.

A Maine man and his collection of 1,094 clocks.

Wimm Hoff from Netherlands spent 1 hour 42 minutes and 22 seconds covered in snow.

The largest chalk pavement art measured 90,000 square feet, and was created by 5,678 children from schools in Alameda, California, USA, for the
Kids' Chalk Art Project between May 27 - June 7, 2008.

The world's fastest wheelie. York, UK. July 11, 2006. 108 mph (173,81 km/h)

The longest skis are 534 m (1,751 ft 11 in) long and were worn by 1,043 skiers in an event organized by Danske Bank on Drottninggatan in Örebro, Sweden, on 13 September 2008.

# The oldest table tennis player is Dorothy de Low (Australia, b. 5 October 1910) who was 97 yr 232 days when she represented Australia at the XIV World Veterans Table Tennis Championships, at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 25 May 2008.

A steel-made snake boat entered the Guinness Book of World Records here for recently carrying 141 persons and being the longest ever made boat of its kind.

The fastest ride on a skateboard - Douglas da Silva from Brazil with amazing 70.2 mph (113 km/h).

Thousands descended on Guildhall Square in Derry City, Northern Ireland, on September 9, 2007, to help break the world record for the Largest gathering of Santa Clauses.
A total of 12,965 people dressed up as Santa or Santa’s helper to smash the previous record of 3,921, which was set during the Santa Dash event in Liverpool City Centre on

PAV1 Badger was acknowledged as the "World's Smallest Tank" in the "2010 Guinness Book of World Records."

In Hungary burning person was dragged by a galopping horse for 0.29 miles (0.47 km).

Tommy Pastemante from the USA sets the fastest Speed on a Modified Lawnmower (61 mph)

The fastest time to run 100m on all fours is 18. 58 seconds and was set by Kenichi Ito (Japan).

The longest distance on a bicycle in 24 hours without the legs touching the ground - 553.15 miles (890.2 km)

Surrey resident Sarwan Singh achieved a feat, which every Sikh is going to be proud of. He set a new Guinness Book of World Record by having the longest beard.
Singh’s beard was measured at 2.36 meters or 7.7 3/4 ft, at a jam packed, Akal Academy in Surrey BC, on November 11, 2008.

This man broke 80 eggs in one minute with his forhead.

The longest ears on a dog measured 34.9 cm (13.75 in) and 34.2 cm (13.5 in) for the right and left ears, respectively, on September 29, 2004.
They belong to Tigger, a bloodhound, who is owned by Bryan and Christina Flessner of St Joseph, Illinois, USA.

Anthony Victor (India) has hair sprouting from the centre of his outer ears (middle of the pinna) that measures 18.1 cm (7.12 in) at its longest point.

The Space Cowboy (real name: Chayne Hultgren), Lo Show Dei Record performer, set a world record of the longest distance pulling 400 kg by fishhooks in his eye sockets in Milan on April, 25, 2009

The record for the heaviest vehicle pulled over a level 100ft (30.48m) course weighed 57,243kg (126,200lb) and was set by the Rev Kevin Fast, from Canada

The largest commercially available hamburger is 74.75 kg (164.8 lbs) and is available for US$399 (£271.55) on the menu at Mallie's Sports Grill & Bar in Southgate, Michigan, USA, as of 29 August 2008.

Victor "Larry" and Gabriel "Danny" Ramos Gomez (both Mexico) are two of a family of 19 that span five generations all suffering from the rare condition called Congenital Generalized Hypertrichosis, characterized by excessive facial and torso hair.
The women are covered with a light to medium coat of hair while the men of the family have thick hair on approximately 98% of their body apart from their hands and feet.

Turkish Man Squirts Milk From Eye 9.2 Feet

Mike Howard (Mike Howard) from Britain walked the beam between two balloons at an altitude of 6522 m. near the city Yovil, County Somersetshir, UK, September 1, 2004

The heaviest apple was found in Japan - 1,849 kg.

On July 7, 2006 the smallest of the living horses was Tambelina from St. Louis, Missouri, miniature mare, whose growth was 44.5

Bigfoot #5
First monster truck solely designed to use 10' tall tires - 1986
Guinness Book of Records - World's biggest pickup truck - 2002

The shortest known mobile living adult is He Pingping, who was measured by a team of doctors in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China, and found to be 74.61cm (2ft 5.37in)
36-year-old Svetlana Pankratova from Russia has the longest legs in the world. Although not the tallest woman in the world, Pankratova is 6.43 feet tall and her legs measure 4.33 feet.

Thousands of Michael Jackson’s Mexican fans have won the world record for most people to dance to the song “Thriller” simultaneously in one place.
Jamie Panas of Guinness World Records says that 13,597 people performed the dance routine on Aug. 29, which would have been Jackson’s 51st birthday.

Kim Goodman (USA) can pop her eyeballs to a protrusion of 12 mm (0.47 in) beyond her eye sockets. Her eyes were measured in Istanbul, Turkey, on November 2, 2007.

The largest pie fight

The world's tallest man, Sultan Kosen from Turkey, poses for photographers next to school children at an event in London to promote the Guinness World Records 2010 book.
Kosen, who is 2m 46.5cm (8ft 1in) tall, also claims the record for the largest hands and largest feet

The tallest dog living is Gibson, a harlequin great Dane, who measured 107 cm (42.2 in) tall on August 31, 2004 and is owned by Sandy Hall of Grass Valley, California, USA.

Italy's Vittorio Innocente has set a new world record in underwater cycling, pedalling his specially adapted bike to a depth of 66.5 metres (218.2 ft) in the sea near Genoa.

The most tattooed senior citizen is Isobel Varley, from the UK, who covered 93% of her body with tattooes.